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The MAFP is the non-profit professional society for Family Medicine in Myanmar. Our vision is to improve the health of the people of Myanmar by allowing primary care doctors to receive true postgraduate training in the global medical specialty of Family Medicine.


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MAFP clinical faculty have undergone a four year, multi-step Training of Faculty program led by Boston University and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). Certification as MAFP faculty is conferred ....


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The Myanmar Medical Empowerment Project (MMEP)

The MMEP is a joint initiative sponsored by Shin Kong Life Foundation, Shin Kong Bank, Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, and Manan Trust, and carried out by Global Health through Education, Training and Service (GHETS), the Boston University Global Health Collaborative (BUGHC), and the Myanmar Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP).


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